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BRIAN TURK - Founder

Brian Turk’s writing life began at the age of thirteen when he wrote a fan letter to his favorite author, southern fiction writer Clyde Edgerton. While most kids were busy idolizing baseball players and actors, Brian was pledging allegiance to writers and musicians. The two became friends and Clyde became a mentor for Brian. At fourteen, Brian attended Duke University’s Young Writers Camp under the guidance of Mr. Edgerton, and that's where he received what he considers his only “formal” training as a writer.

Brian's writing has been featured on Relix.comListen Up Denver!, Oskar Blues.com, WWOZ.ORG, as well as in OffBeat MagazineThe Marquee Magazine, Westword, INDY Week, and Chronogram Magazine

Brian currently lives in Durham, NC.

For all things NC Music Magazine related, please contact Brian Turk at briandturk@gmail.com